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I can’t believe this is a job!

I’ve been an adventure photographer for many years and I started photographing my friends while traveling to exotic and faraway destinations.

Many of my friends and of the new friends I made while traveling got engaged and asked me if I would shoot their destination wedding or elopement.

By this time I also shot commercial photographs for some of Norway’s biggest outdoor clothing companies. I would always shoot my friends in epic mountain scenery for the commercial photographs, finding the best results were in the natural honest, and happy emotions my friends showed before a model’s scripted look.

When I started doing adventure elopement photography it felt like a natural extension of what I was already doing.

Authentic Adventure is at the heart of what I do

I first took a bachelor’s degree in video and worked with video for some time. I wanted to work more with still images and I took a degree in professional photography. I loved working with still images but also wanted to continue developing myself as a videographer.

After buying a drone company with a lot of gear and clients I was suddenly thrown into the aerial footage industry. I still did both video and photo and continued doing aerials. It felt natural to evolve in all three areas and I did enjoy them all as much. Ever since I have done that for most of my clients.

I work as a hybrid photographer meaning I alone will deliver you as my client stunning high-resolution images, high-quality video, and epic aerial footage. 

Authentic Adventure is at the heart of what I do

I prefer the authenticity of trekking and hiking with friends and capturing the shots in the wild. I love to let the moments unfold themselves and the emotions to be true. All the time making sure I am ready to save them to my memory cards.

I’m happiest camping under the stars, waking up at 4 am to catch the perfect shot in the sunrise, and I’m used to working under pressure in all weather so you can be sure we’ll capture something beautiful.

As an adventure travel photographer, I’m also used to being resourceful, which comes in handy when you’re traveling from country to country, navigating language barriers, traveling with gear, and also different cultures.

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Travel and adventure

What I’m all about

I’ve shot images for yoga retreats and safari companies in Africa at + 35 Celsius and for clothing companies at – 25 Celsius in Norway. I get so energized when my couples want something special and together we can face any element to make sure we take steps in the right way to make it happen. And we all feel extraordinary when we achieve the images that once only were a dream. 

I remember a shoot for an outdoor clothing company and I was trekking up a big mountain with my friends and we all enjoyed settling down for the evening. I saw the amazing stars come out and asked them if we could shoot some more. They agreed and that made me so happy.

I also knew that in less than 5 hours we could get some amazing sunrise images by a small lake. So after the night photo session, I had to ask them if we could start up at 4 in the morning. And they said yes. Meaning when we all take a step or two above the ordinary the results can be truly amazing. For your elopement, that means a photographer who truly wants to take steps to make sure you get the magical photos that you deserve.

AERIAL MAGIC – Did I mention I’ve been working as a drone pilot for the amazing production company AVIA Produksjon for many years. Check out this reel for a few of the many productions we have done together –

croatia destination wedding

Rune + Melissa

«I LOVE the pics They could be in a magazine. Really amazing. Thank you so much. «

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