Destination wedding in Croatia

Summer destination wedding in Dubrovnik

My first time in Croatia was photographing Rune & Melissa’s destination wedding. I arrived in Old Town on a hot summer’s day and immediately liked the feel of the place. Guests started to gather and we were all booked for a really nice dinner in a local restaurant. There the guests mingled and I photographed a lot of happy people. I took pictures in the city by myself and we all went to a cliff bar later the same evening. The bar was, as the name says, on a cliff by the sea. Guests in the bar enjoyed their drink and then dived into the lake for a late-night swim before returning for yet another drink. It was such a fun and enjoyable evening. 

Getting ready

The next day was the wedding day. The bride and her bridesmaid lived in a hotel on a tiny island. I took a boat taxi out together with the hairstylist and met them all in their suite. I photographed the champagne, the dress, the hair, and the makeup being done. The fancy lunch captured all the smiles and giggles. I took some portraits of the bride after she was all ready. 

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The ceremony and celebration

We met the other guests where the ceremony would take place. I went there first and met the groom. He was sweating a bit; because of the hot weather or nerves, I don’t know. Maybe both. They said their vows to each other and the priest made it formal. The happy couple were now newlywed and it was time for a celebration. The couple, me, and all the other guests went onto a big sailboat that took us to the island where the celebration would take place. It was a beautiful location and we had both sun and blue skies as well as an amazing sunset. I took portraits by the lake and by one of the buildings and on a pier. We celebrated for a while and then I asked the couple to join me for some sunset pictures. 

Day-after yacht trip in Dubrovnik

When I looked out the window I knew it would be a great day. On the program today: yacht tour. A bunch of us went out on the yacht and spent the whole day on the water. We had several stops where people dived, swam, and enjoyed the day. The yacht provided cold drinks and we had a stop at a restaurant for lunch. We had a great last evening in Old Town, Dubrovnik the same evening. I photographed some of the guests at some of the town locations before we ended the evening. 

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