New York elopement

Kine and Asle from Norway decided to elope in the big city

Kine and Asle contacted me about photographing their elopement a couple of months ahead. Both them and I lived in Norway but New York was special to them and they really wanted to elope there. They had been there a few times together and had certain parts of their city as a favorite. Being first of all an adventure photographer often not that much in big cities I thought it could be a fun challenge. Having lived in London for a couple of years and also had taken pictures in New York two times before I felt fairly comfortable. I do like New York much thanks to how easy it is to find your way around. Both Kine and Asle are super easy and nice people and we talked through an itinerary for the day. All of us looking forward to the special day.

First of all – getting ready

Kine had booked a fancy hairdresser saloon and I met her there for photo session. Asle suited up and we all went to the Norwegian Seamen’s Church.

The New York elopement ceremony

There the priest set up a lovely ceremony with just him, the couple, a piano player. And of course myself. Kine and Asle got quite emotional during the ceremony and had to wipe away a couple of tears. It was a really nice ceremony! I felt privileged to be a part of it. 

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After the ceremony I signed as a witness, there was cake and we all just talked for a while. Then it was time for bubbles, photos and food. We went to a small taco diner that they previously had dated in and Kine got herself a huge ice cream from a food truck. We had planned a photo at Union Square, the thought being it easily recognized as New York. We got all in one photo. People walking, people on bikes and of course a yellow cab. We then took the train over to Central Park and looked for a nice place to take our picture. Skyscrapers, parks and trees. All in one photo. We quickly found our spot having looked online beforehand. It was a nice sunny day and we all laughed a lot and just had a really great time. But of course; suddenly it started to rain. Asle protected Kine from the rain with his jacket and we all ran into the first store we could see. As it happens it was a sports clothing store. Asle and Kine are really active and went over to look at shoes for training. I saw that the new Crossfit Nano shoes were there. They would not be released in Norway for quite a while. Kine saw me looking at them and decided they would buy me a pair. They asked if I wanted them in blue or black and before I could decide they agreed to buy me both pairs. Did I mention that these people are just amazing? 

We all agreed that we had a lot of good photos now. Much more than they imagined. I said I would now let them continue on their honeymoon but they invited me along for dinner. We all had champagne and toasted the newlyweds. Having arrived in New York late the day before, I hung around the city for a while after I left Kine & Asle and flew home to Norway the next day. Kine and Asle went directly to Florida for an amazing honeymoon. 

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